WASTATE: Trumpism on the Left

Robert Saticaum Jr.

Robert Saticum Jr. is the son of Robert  Satiacum (1929– March 25, 1991) , Satiacum senior was a Puyallup tribal leader, an advocate of native treaty fishing rights in the United States, but  was convicted of attempted murder and other charges in 1982, but fled to Canada to avoid a prison term. He was later convicted of child molestation in Canada in 1989. His son defends Satiacum senior, claiming the charges were fabricated. 

The politics of vainglory  is not unique to Trump or the Repugnant Republicans.

Trump is the creation of the GOP, but Trumpism is not unique to the right.  Here in the ohso progressive Pacific Northwest two progressives are behaving like Trumpies.

In Seattle, Pramila Jayapal is running against Brady Walkinshaw.  Her campaign has sunk to sexist and racial extremes so low that she has been called out by Dan Savage.

She can not vote because she does not live in the 7th District! In fact she lives in a District constructed to create a CD trhat SHGE should ahve ben aboe to win. PJ choise to run in CD 7 because she flet she would ahev a btter chance aginst a young gay man then aginast Adam Smoth, an ncumbenbt establishment Democrat. The, agter her record as a dtate Deanator was questined, she repsonde dby accus8ng Brady ofr sxism fior runng aginast a wman!

Pramila can not vote because she does not live in the 7th District! In fact she lives in District 9, constructed in an effort she led to create a CD that SHE should have been able to win. PJ chose to run in CD 7 because she felt she would have a better chance against a young gay man than against Adam Smith, an incumbent establishment Democrat. Then, after her record as a state Senator was questioned, Pramila responded by accusing Brady of sxeism for runing against a woman!

At a more state wide level,  an elector, like Pramila another strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, Bob Satiacum, has announced that he will refuse to vote for Mrs. Clinton after she is elected on Tuesday.

What bothers me more than the behavior of Satiacum and Jayapal is the lack of outrage by the progressive community.  My cohorts in that world remind me of  David  Frum .  Last night on Bill Maher, this establishment GOP guy appeared and tried vainly to get Maher tovainglory-v-trumpism accept some of the blame for Trump.

Frum is either despicable or stupid.  For his career as a Republican thinker and pundit this man has done a wink wink at the support “moderate Republicans” have taken from the anti communist and racist strategy of reaching out to folks in hoods.  Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz   and Rush Limbaugh were not just tolerated, they were feted as long a Mr. Frum could get a job promoting McCain or Bush.

Bill Maher was not about to take the blame for creating Trump. But look at the thread below to see how some of our own progressives are defining Satiacum:

FACEBOOK edited thread

Chad LupkesChad Lupkes feeling disappointed. A difference of opinion is one thing. A declared witch hunt because of a difference of opinion is another.
Valerie Barnes Oh, Chad, we’re so far beyond a declared witch hunt into Inquisition space that it’s terrifying.


Paul Berry Paul Berry Taking away my voice and vote, and that of millions of voters is more than “… a difference of opinion.” Opposing the election to leadership in my Party of those who would sanction such an action is not a witch hunt, it is a defense of my rights.
Sean Comfort Sean Comfort You mean in the way the super delegates of the party didn’t listen to the will of the people?

Chad Lupkes Chad Lupkes   Paul, your words tell a different story. If you were simply saying that Robert was making a mistake and that you would not support HIM for a future leadership position in the party because of the way he was making his choice, I would agree with you. But that’s not what you said.

You said that you wanted to know the names of anyone who supported Robert’s action so you could do everything in your power to prevent them from holding any office ANYWHERE in the Democratic Party. And even though I STARTED my response by saying that I don’t support his action, you declared my comment to be a defense of the action and that you considered me disqualified from getting your support for any office in the party.

That’s not a difference of opinion. That is running around a room yelling that everyone is either with you or against you, and pushing people who dare to try to find common ground, to calm things down, to listen to evidence and show compassion out the door. The only result that comes from that is you standing in an otherwise empty room.

I DON’T SANCTION THE ACTION. Read that a few times. But it doesn’t matter, because I have dared to show respect for a friend, even when talking to him to try and find out what evidence he sees in order to change his mind.

Hillary Hunt Hillary Hunt Sean – super delegates are awarded their own votes under the rules. They have no obligation to follow the will of the people. And even then, they aligned with the person who did win the nomination without super delegate votes counted. Bernie just didn’t have the majority support in the party.
Sean Comfort Hillary, the super delegates are given their power through a made up process of a private party. An elector is given his power by the Constitution.


Hillary Hunt Hillary Hunt Yes, and that private party has legal standing to do so under our laws. And the elector has a legal obligation to cast the ballot he was elected to cast under the law.
Jason Hussein Askelini You mean the editable, non-credible Russian leaks? Only a fool would give them credence, and only an asshole gives unsolicited advice.
Elizabeth Meyer Jason = moron.
Chad LupkesChad LupkesJeff, my family name through my grandmother was Putnam. It was a cousin of mine who started the Salem Witch Trials. I know what a witch hunt is.
Sharon SmithSharon SmithSorry it happened to you, Chad, but grateful for the example that mansplaining really is about the ‘splainer and not the target. Not what your post is about, I know, but made an impression just the same.
Jeff Wiley Jeff Wiley If Bernie had been on the November ballot and an elector had said he/she would not vote for Bernie, what would Bernie supporters have said? I can tell you that Clinton supporters would not have backed that person. That is a fundamental difference that is at the heart of our party problems going forward.
Michael LewisMichael LewisTrue. Past actions and policies make a difference. Either the Democratic Party stands for something or it it is corporate enabler just as the Republican Party is. The choice is ours (the people’s) to decide with our support. I cannot support a turd on one side just because the turd on the other side is bigger.
Jeff WileyJeff WileyBut are you implying you know what’s best for “the people” when even a majority of Bernie supporters in our state would oppose Bob’s action?
Jason Hussein Askelini Jason Hussein Askelini Person should never have sought elector status.
Chad Lupkes Chad Lupkes He didn’t, actually. He was nominated by one of his elders, and felt that refusing the nomination would have been an insult.
Jay Clough Jay Clough Sorry, Chad, that’s crap. He can personally vote for who ever he wants, when you run as a elector, there is an expectation that folks will vote for the candidate their party chooses. Shame on him.


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