An Endorsement for Brady Walkinshaw

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There is an ongoing hullabaloo in Seattle about our Congressional race, in which Pramila Jayapal is running against Brady Walkinshaw to represent the 7th District… When she lives in the 9th district. I think Shayna Daitch sums up the issue quite eloquently:

‘I wouldn’t care except that she was a huge proponent of the new lines, actively campaigned for it, and supported her own house being moved in to the 9th. And then instead of challenging Adam Smith or waiting till he retired, she became an opportunist and then started saying “well if I win, I will move.” That is ridiculous.’

So basically, she redistricted herself out of Seattle and now she wants to run in Seattle. That is weirdly opportunistic, just like her emphasizing the importance of strong female leadership, literally at the same time as she was jumping on the Bernie bandwagon and refusing to endorse Hillary!

Also, there’s good reason to think Jayapal would be ineffective as a member of Congress, in part she seems unable to work with Republicans to get stuff passed, even in divided legislatures where doing so is critical – which is going to be critically important for our next member of Congress. This is from FiscalNote’s systematic analysis of her effectiveness as a state Senator:

‘Sen. Jayapal is in the bottom 98% of legislators in the WA Senate, so they are very ineffective as a primary sponsor, but they’re most effective on issues related to indigenous people, foreign affairs, and consumers.’ (…)

This is how FiscalNote assesses legislator effectiveness:

‘FiscalNote assesses legislator effectiveness by examining all the legislators’ previously sponsored and cosponsored legislation to create a FiscalNote Effectiveness score. The score is based on how those bills have performed, both in absolute terms and relative to the effectiveness of other members in the chamber. The effectiveness score is computed for the legislator in various stages – getting bills out of committee, getting legislation to the floor, passing their own chamber, passing the legislature, and getting enacted, and for all those stages across all topic areas of legislation.’

Meanwhile, her opponent, Brady Walkinshaw, is awesome. He’s a foresightful progressive pragmatist, with a lot of energy, detailed policy proposals, and the political-strategy chops to actually implement them – even in divided legislatures.

I know whom I’m voting for.

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  1. theaveeditor #

    Chiho Fox FACEBOOK: And even beyond that I know A LOT of Pram’s supporters who said pretty nasty things about Pam Banks who ran against Sawant in the city council race. The same people are claiming that everyone is sexist or racist when the criticize Pram now? HA!

  2. theaveeditor #

    Shasta Willson FACEBOOK “So if you supported Bernie over Hillary, you do *not* get to accuse me or anyone else of sexism when we support a young gay Latino male candidate over an older Indian woman candidate. That is bullshit, and suggests you have a set of problematic priors which is weakening the left. Knock it off.”

    That — see my wall for my own reaction to this situation.

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