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  • Trump says Obama should be investigated over Clinton email server and other highlights from our exclusive interview with the Republican nominee. 

    REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst 

    by Maria Caspani 1:06 PM
  • MORE: Trump accuses Obama of having known ‘all along’ about Clinton’s private email server
    by cassandra.garrison 12:47 PM
  • BREAKING: Trump says Obama ‘has to be investigated’ over what he knew about Clinton’s email server
    by cassandra.garrison 12:46 PM
  • JUST IN: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell will vote for Hillary Clinton – ABC
    by anjali.athavaley 12:45 PM
  • Trump says he would work with Democrats to pass legislation, if elected.
    by cassandra.garrison 12:18 PM
  • Trump says if Republican leaders were helping him, he ‘couldn’t lose’ the election
    by cassandra.garrison 12:18 PM
  • Trump says Duterte’s call for removing foreign troops from Philippines shows lack of respect for U.S., Obama
    by cassandra.garrison 12:18 PM
  • MORE: Trump repeats that removing Assad from power is secondary to fighting Islamic State
    by cassandra.garrison 12:17 PM
  • Strip away the drama and distractions, and the 2016 race offers the starkest choice on climate change in decades, with Trump rejecting the concept as a hoax and doubling down on fossil fuel, while Clinton pushes just as hard for renewable energy sources.

    by natalie.armstrong 12:00 PM

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