A FACEBOOK DIALOG: On Pramila Jayapal vs Brady Walkinshaw

John Donoso's photo.Chiho Fox It’s unfair to expect someone who is running to represent a district to at least move into it? Must be so unfair that the state legislature positions requires it, the governor is required to live in our state, oh and even PCO! And let’s not forget the fact that she was redistricted partially FOR her, so that she would be in her current LD and keep a certain set of constituents in the leg. Cuts both ways.
  Chiho Fox Maybe I should run for mayor of Spokane next year, or governor of California
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Ian Anderson Seeing as she got twice as many votes in the primary and won Brady’s district by 21, I don’t think people care. I’m not seeing the problem
Cindi Laws Uh, there’s this thing called the US Constitution. It sets the requiements. Living in the district isn’t one of them.
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John Donoso Haha the US constitution also doesn’t require PCOs to live in their district… But that is in fact required…
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 Cindi Laws John Donoso that is a dumber-that-Trump comment. The only elected offices that are defined in the US Constitution are President, Senator and Representative.
Chiho Fox Does the US condition require elected officials not be phony opportunist do nothings? Oh lucky for her it doesn’t, but as a voter it does matter to me.
Cindi Laws Soooooo, you don’t support the US Constitution?
John Donoso Cindi – States, and state parties, can place conditions on eligibility for federal office in various formal and informal ways, including residency requirements. That has nothing to do with the US constitution=D
Cindi Laws Or are you just in a contrarian “making shit up as you go along” mood?
Chiho Fox You support primila so certainly oh have no problems with people “making shit up” as they go along.
Cindi Laws Doesn’t matter who I support. I don’t live or vote in the 7th and am just grateful that whomever is elected will be at least 300% more effective than the dude who wasted the seat these past 28 years.
John Donoso Cindi – Considering that Pramila was rated dead last in terms of effectiveness as a state Senator, why would you think that!?
Chiho Fox Haha yeah she’ll be so effective I’m sure just like she has been in the state leg!!!
Cindi Laws Both she and Brady were incredibly effective in the state leg. She passed more bills in her first year than former State Senator Patty Murray did in her first term.
Cindi Laws John, regarding effectiveness, I think if one is exceptionally selective in their hit pieces, they can make Nelson Mandela look bad.
Chiho Fox Oh yeah all those Jayapal bills… only bills she’s been focused on are the $100s from her out of district donors
Cindi Laws Oh for the love of shark jumping.

John Donoso This is from FiscalNote’s systematic analysis of Jayapal’s effectiveness as a legislator:

‘Sen. Jayapal is in the bottom 98% of legislators in the WA Senate, so they are very ineffective as a primary sponsor, but they’re most effective on issues related to indigenous people, foreign affairs, and consumers.’ —…

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John Donoso What shocks me is how many people think she’d be like crazy effective, when there’s absolutely no objective reason to think that. It’s like some kind of weird cult-of-personality thing, you know?

John Donoso Cindi – Haha there is nothing “selective” about an organization that algorithmically assesses legislative performance in measurable, objective terms. That is the opposite of selective.

But the fact that you worked for “several organizations” that create selective criteria to get a carefully selected outcome doesn’t exactly suggest you’re good at unbiased assessment of stuff… That’s really weird!

Cindi Laws I’m not going to waste time arguing with people who are intent on destroying a woman. When no amount of data or careful, thoughtful analysis of a career of effectiveness is analysed, people are going to select whom they want to select. Barack Obama had a thin-as-onion-skin legislative record when he was elected POTUS.
Chiho Fox But he lived in the country.
Ian Anderson The thing is she lives a few blocks away but she still works and organizes in the district. I don’t know much about the refistricting but from talking to her she seems to understand the district still
Chiho Fox The constitution also doesn’t require a candidate to not be terrible at their job, or even go to work really; but we can.
Chiho Fox Or be a phony opportunist who pretends to be a populist, not against the constitution either but doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.
Connor Raikes On it’s own, the fact that she’s running out of district is mostly funny to me, not concerning. What’s concerning is that she could have run in her own district, but ran in the 7th simply because it was an open race and it would have been easier to winSee More
Connor Raikes Pramila’s the political outsider, insofar as she lives outside of the district, gets most of her funding outside of the state, and is outside major budget votes – raising more out-of-state contributions on high profile East coast fundraisers. Vote for the political outsider – vote Pramila Jayapal! 😉

Jesse Hart Second Connor’s point. This smacks of Pramila just trying for what she perceives as the path of least resistance into Congress. And who really cares what district it is?

Thing is, a large part of point of representing a district is precisely that you care about that (yes, that) district. It’s troubling that she appears to care more about just getting a seat in Congress than she does about the actual district

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