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UPDATE: Hugh Schwartz Enters The Email Fray

So now Bill has my brother on the job. He is harassing not only me but my wife and two kids. My wife, I and our children asked Hugh and Bill to desist from emailing us after the mail had gotten up to to hundreds of similar emails in a few days. Many were worse than this, full […][...]

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RENT CONTROL: Great for the well to do! Not much good for poor folks!

“RENT CONTROL!” “TAX THE RICH” “GREEDY LANDLORDS!” Great slogans but WHO is listening? I suspect that people who cheer Sawant are the homeless and low income people whose housing options are disappearing. The problem is that economists say rent control does not wo[...]

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The Donald Trumps The Bush IN FLA!

Shock poll: Donald Trump leads Jeb Bush 26-20 percent … in Florida St. Petersberg Blog Jul 29, 2015 For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida. A St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday shows the New York businessman with 26 percent [...]

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Indian Ocean aircraft debris probably is from MH-370

CNN UPDATE: “Boeing’s initial assessment of photographs suggests that apparent airplane debris is consistent in appearance with a Boeing 777’s flaperon, which is a piece of the plane’s wing, a source close to the investigation tells CNN. The source said there is a unique ele[...]

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White cop indicted for killing black motorist

A University of Cincinatti patrol officer who shot a black motorist in the head 10 days ago has been indicted for murder. The prosecutor said Officer Ray Tensing “should never have been a police officer” and “purposely killed” Samuel DuBose. Tensing claimed DuBose dragged him[...]

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Charlie Posts: 105th Anniversary of Slocum Massacre

On July 29, 1910, citizens in the small, predominately African American town of Slocum, Texas were massacred. This was one of many towns, such as Rosewood and Tulsa, where a successful, self-sufficient African American community was the sub…ject of a terrorist attack designed to maintain econo[...]

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Obama’s Grandfather

As an adult he looks so much like his grandfather![...]