Indian Ocean aircraft debris probably is from MH-370

CNN UPDATE: “Boeing’s initial assessment of photographs suggests that apparent airplane debris is consistent in appearance with a Boeing 777’s flaperon, which is a piece of the plane’s wing, a source close to the investigation tells CNN. The source said there is a unique element to the Boeing 777’s flaperon that observers believe they are seeing in photos as well, though the source would not disclose what that detail is. The source stressed this is preliminary. The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a Boeing 777.”

NBC NEWS UPDATE: “Boeing investigators have looked at photos of the fragment and say that they believe it is … from a Boeing triple 7 and there is only one 777 missing in the world right now — MH370.”

150729131140-01-malaysia-debris-0729-exlarge-169A wing flap pulled from the Indian Ocean near Reunion Island, in the vicinity of Madagascar, conceivably could have carried there by ocean currents from the area where Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is thought to have gone down, but no positive ID has been made yet, and the debris might be from another crash in the area. (Click here for story.)



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