UPDATE: Hugh Schwartz Enters The Email Fray

Hugh has lost a lot of weight,  He deserves great credit.

Hugh has lost a lot of weight, He deserves great credit. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE FULL STORY. You can also CLICKHERE to read Hugh’s blog with an essay about Obamacare..

So now Bill has my brother on the job. He is harassing not only me but my wife and two kids.

My wife, I and our children asked Hugh and Bill to desist from emailing us after the mail had gotten up to to hundreds of similar emails in a few days. Many were worse than this, full of invective and bizarre charges about me, our father’s second wife, our step sister, or my family.

Often these guys and their wives  sent this hate mail to my attorney as well, in an effort to create costs.

And of course there is the persistent threat (now in court) to destroy my father’s heritage from Buchenwald  …now going so far as to refuse to state the pictures even still exist and denying my right to even see the pictures.. Hardly the actions of a loving brother or son.

Finally, I told Hugh (and Bill) that any future emails would simply be published on THE Ave.  I no longer bother responding since I know this post will rapidly be  sent around.    Bill has, of course, taken this up, adding a silly copyright notice,. Now Hugh seem to be going the same route.  Sad.

Here is the thread (and ..the picture above that congratulates Hugh on his loss of 117 pounds.  I hope he continues to do well.  If you click the image you can see him on video.)

WITH UPDATES:  After a  mutual friend had informed me that Hugh’s co executor. Martin Miasserian, died last week, I sent Hugh a simple note of condolence.  (below) . Hugh’s response is all too typical.

I have chosen to comment not to demean a recently dead man but to provide a more factual view  of Hugh’s friend .. at least as this effects my interactions with Mr. Miaserian.  I will leave it to the reader to judge Mr. Miasserian.  

1. Contrary to Hugh’s statement below,. Martin Miasserian was not my Dad’s friend. Mr. M. was the accountant who took over my Dad’s affairs after Mel Kornblut,  a friend and my Dad’s accountant for decades, died.  At least in his conversations with me, my Dad was actually worried abut a number of things Mr. Miassrian did.  After my Dad’s death there were problems finding certain accounts.

2.  Miasserian also took over as accountant for my step mother Betty.  In that capacity as well as co executor with Hugh, Martin  became involved in  what Hugh called “psychological warfare” to force Betty to leave my parents home.   To call this a conflict of interest is mild.

3. Miasserian also was responsible for a violation of the laws protecting patient privacy by improperly disposing of my father’s medical records.   When I informed Hugh and Martin of the violation of HIPAA law, they refused to follow the procedures required under the law.  As a faculty member  of the University of Washington School of Medicine I was required to and did report the violation to the DHHS .  The refusal to follow the law by proper disposal of the records ended up costing the estate several hundred thousand dollars.

4. Miasserian signed his name to an affidavit attesting to several things, including conversations with me, that were provably false.

5. Finally, in explicit violation of Massachusetts law, Hugh and Martin collected “executor fees.”    The amount was fairly small, a total of $75,000, but they refused to repay the money even after the law was pointed out to them by a judge. 

My note of condolence:

Stephen Schwartz <>

10:35 PM (15 hours ago)

to Hugh and copied to  my wife
We were  learned today that your co executor,MartinMiasserian, died last weekend.  I hope you were able to see him and convey good wishes in his last days.

Be Good.

10:11 AM (3 hours ago)

to SMS family, my attorney, and Hugh’s attorney


As you are well aware, Marty was much more than a “co-executor”. He was a close friend of dad’s and of mine. He was a great and honest man.

It is a shame that you did your best to make his life miserable even when he was fighting forh is life despite my numerous requests to leave him alone. You continued to do this until his dying day with the full knowledge that his duties as co-executor ended with the signing of the Settlement agreements.
Feel free to publish this response on your blog!


Stephen M. Schwartz

10:33 AM (3 hours ago)

to me, my family’s email addresses
While you’re at it, why don’t you post the email below on your blog as well? Might as well tell the whole story. By the way, posting that picture of me is a violates the copyright of the website you stole it from. They took the pictures and videos and own their rights.

—–Original Message—–
From: hughschwartz <hughschwartz@$$$>
To: stephenm.schwartz <>
Cc: my family’s email addresses 
Sent: Wed, Jul 22, 2015 5:54 pm
Subject: Re: In response to your email of this morning.

Dear Stephen:

As you can see from the attached your encryption is just annoying. I have copies of everything you send.
Take a sincere word of advice from me.
How about thinking about your family instead of your insane crusade. Rather than wasting time and energy on all of this, how about doing something about the fact that you are morbidly obese and your diabetes is out of control. Don’t you want to live to see Ziva Bat Mitzvahed?? Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate Hillel finding a life long companion and getting some great academic appointment or honor?
Instead of perpetuating this ad infinitem, how about going to the gym? It does wonders for the mind and body. Happy to be your motivational coach.
Have a wonderful evening!!


From: <hughschwartz@$$$$$$$$
Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 1:51 PM
Subject: Re: Demand to immediately remove inappropriate comment
To: the members of SMS family

I have not heard back from any of you. Either you are ignoring what I said, which would be a disservice to Steve or your are doing something about it. Which is it?


—–Original Message—–
From: hughschwartz <hughschwartz@$$$$$$$>
To: the members of SMS familySent:  Fri, Jul 24, 2015 4:59 pm
Subject: Re: Demand to immediately remove inappropriate comment

Dear All:

Stephen has really gotten out of control. He is totally obsessed and self destructive.
The last time I saw him (February) he had gotten even heavier and I suspect he is not doing much in terms of diet or exercise to control his diabetes. He has mentioned on his blog that he is going blind. That is no surprise if he is not even trying to control his diabetes. It is likely  he has or will develop even more severe medical problems if he continues down this path. In addition, he showed up in court in rumpled clothing and did not appear to have bathed recently. This makes me concerned about his self esteem as well.
His website which at first I thought was very interesting has become more and more a vehicle for hate speech not only against the family, but many others as well.
I loved and looked up to the brother I grew up with. I was proud of his accomplishments and happy he met you – Barbi and had children he was very proud of (as was Zadi). He always had his faults as do we all. But, underneath I always knew there was someone who cared and I could count on when I needed help.
Unfortunately, I do not see that person anymore. For whatever reason, he has become angry and vindictive. He is making many people’s lives miserable including his own.
The only ones that can intervene and help him at this point are the three of you. Allowing him to continue on like this is not in anyone’s best interest including his. The Stephen I grew up with would be there to help any of us. He now needs your help.
I am asking the three of you, to not sit on the sidelines any longer. I would be happy to lend my support on diet and exercise if that would help. As you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with diabetes myself 18 months ago and it began to cause serious health problems in my life. Since then I lost 120 lbs and exercise regularly. I no longer have to take medication to control my blood sugar and many of my health problems have gone away,
Please think about what I have said. If you truly love Steve, you will intervene.
Best Regards,

—–Original Message—–
From: William Quick <$$$$$$$$>
To: my family and my attorney
Sent: Fri, Jul 24, 2015 1:58 pm
Subject: Re: Demand to immediately remove inappropriate comment

Will someone in Steve’s immediate family please get him to reconsider, and to take down the offending sentence as I requested — instead he chose to publish my entire e-mail below despite my request not to do so.

His mischief-making has turned to total and vile disrespect, and that’s simply unacceptable.
Thanks for listening!
On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 1:11 PM, William Quick <$$$$$$$$$$$> wrote:


NOTICE: This e-mail is copyright by its author. You may not reproduce, adapt, modify, communicate to the public, reproduce or otherwise use any part of this email without the express written permission from the author.  Unauthorized copying of copyrighted works, including this e-mail , may be unlawful and may subject the violator to civil penalties.
At, you include the word “prurient” when referring to me. Please note the following definition of prurient:
  1. adjective
    1. having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters.
      “she’d been the subject of much prurient curiosity”
    synonyms: salaciouslicentiousvoyeuristic, lasciviouslecherouslustfullewdlibidinous,lubricious;

“For the record. Three of those four were used todtermne [sic] who was seeking myemials [sic]under the FPO act. The other was to investigate a UWvice provost who was involved in multiple acts to target myself and other dissident faculty.As for Bill, he is welcome to explain why he submitted an FOI request. I will affirm that it was nor because of any prurient interests he has other than his odd obsession that THE Ave has published material critical of sexulization [sic] of young females in beauty pageants.”==================
NOTICE: This e-mail is copyright by its author. You may not reproduce, adapt, modify, communicate to the public, reproduce or otherwise use any part of this email without the express written permission from the author.  Unauthorized copying of copyrighted works, including this e-mail , may be unlawful and may subject the violator to civil penalties.
The last sentence clearly indicates that you think I DO have prurient interests, and is entirely inappropriate and extremely damaging to my reputation. I demand that you remove that sentence immediately, and let me know by return e-mail that it has been deleted.
Thank you.
Bill Quick


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