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Liberal Extremism,


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What is Social Reality … gender, race, now age? or species?


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Will someone give Gillibrand a hijab or a burka?

Will someone put Kirsten Gillibrand out of her ohso pious misery. Is she blind or just so self important that her world is tilted?   Gillibrand wants to run for President. She blames prejudice against women for folks like me seeing her as shrill pretty much the way Trump thinks folks like are radic[...]

April 8th, 2017 - 2:44 am § in Hypocrisy, The Ave Scene

What the Child Abuse Charges Against Our Mayor Might Mean

On Ed Murray and those 1980s rape allegations NOTE: Yesterday Mayor Murray was accused of sexual abuse of two boys in the 1980s.  Geov Parrish offers a unique and difficult insight.   Geov Parrish The Seattle Times dropped a bombshell on the local political scene tonight, publishing a le[...]

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What Is a Transgender Child?

American College of Pediatrics reaches decision: Transgenderism of children is child abuse  Michael Dorstewitz  BIZPAC REVIEW The American College of Pediatricians issued a statement this week condemning gender reclassification in children by stating that transgenderism in children amounts to chil[...]

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Doogooder Seattle: Bikes

Christopher Goodwin  FACEBOOK The mayors 2016 budget includes $5 million to expand Seattle’s bankrupt and unused Pronto bike rental program after buying it for $1.4 million. Bike Blog author Focoloro says “we should repeal the helmet law if we really want this to work” right after[...]

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Despite a narrowing gap between Sanders and Clinton in the Iowa race, some of his supporters are showing signs of corporate paranoia. Bernie Sanders is a nice man, a noble guy and my candidate  but his campaign is showing tad bit of paranoia over  the involvement of Microsof[...]

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#CHARTER SCHOOLS:Speaking up for students even in the face of controversy

Rep. Sawyer: Public charter schools and the families they serve need the Legislature’s support OLYMPIA – In response to the state Supreme Court’s recent refusal to reconsider its recent decision on… HO– USEDEMOCRATS.WA.GOV Chiho Fox  FACEBOOK Awesome David Sawyer. I knew you were one [...]

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“I’m being forced into work.”

Mum of eight forced into work says benefit cap will lead to suicides Marie Buchan is looking for her first-ever job because of proposed new Government benefit cuts – and complains: “I’m being forced into work”|By Andy Richardson From Facebook: “A single mum[...]