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The New Year isn’t just about resolutions and hangovers — it’s about foreskin.

 Until it slipped away, the foreskin of Jesus was paraded through town annually on Jan. 1, the Feast of the Circumcision. (edited from article published by the Jewish Transcript Agency)  Circumcision, the bris, is celebrated eight days after the birth of a Jewish boy. Jesus was a Jew. And New Y[...]

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Hopes for the New Year

Click the image to see what it will cost to go to the Superbowl .. or, if my wife’s team (the Seahawks) wins … come to our house for free![...]

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Something to look forward to in 14: Kids!

Here is a preview of something cool for next March 16:[...]

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2014: Year of A Jewish Wonder Woman

The Jewish people – need heroines such as Gal Gadot. They present a picture to the world of the beautiful, sexy Israeli. (Jerusalem Post) (excerpts) The Jewish people have had many wonderful heroines in its history, from the  Biblical matriarchs to female fighters, pioneers and patriots and the m[...]

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RABBIS for a New Year


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Happy New Year Tolly Style

Boating and Tollies .. One of the best parts of living in the Northwest. BTW .. that is not our boat, the Aquila.  This 34′ tricabin, however, is bow down at rest.  Must be something to ask Mr. Tolly about on his second coming! We still miss his birthday parties every January.[...]

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