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Higher Education Group at Seattle MoveON

Starting after the Civil War, step by step America  created a university system, including  private and public colleges, that offered unheard  of opportunities for an upwardly mobile  America.  The words are still thrilling .. GI Bill, Land Grant Universities, Pell Grants, National Merit Awards[...]

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Grade Inflation

From Columbia Spectator[...]

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Part I: Two States: Palestine and Israel … by Fiat?

US public supports Palestine statehood The Israeli government is so frightened by the prospect of a Palestinian declaration of statehood that it is considering withdrawing its troops from the West Bank [Reuters] It becomes clearer every day that Binyamin Netanyahu’s government is terrified b[...]

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New hope dawns on the Golan Heights

Ed.  The saddest thing about the Golan is that the Syrians insisted after their loss in creating no mans land on their side of the border.   One could walk up to the edge and look down on desolate v9llages .. maintained that way be Syria.   Whatever the injustice of the Israeli occupation, Syri[...]

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What is “College Productivity?”

Lumina’s College Productivity Initiative Lumina’s College Productivity Initiative is a multi-year initiative focused on increasing productivity within U.S. higher education, particularly at two- and four-year public colleges and universities. It’s easy to improve productivity ina n[...]

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Female General Commands US Forces in Libya

Major General Margaret H. Woodward, 51, has been the Commander of the 17th Air Force and US Air Forces Africa at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany since June 2010. The command serves as the air component for US Africa Command, and led the military operation against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Wo[...]

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Obviously none of the UW faculty is very good ………

Lets All Move to Boston! ……… Harvard University professors are the top-earning teachers in the country, garnering an average annual salary of $193,800, according to a report by American Association of University Professors. The AAUP’s figures mark a stagnation in professorial[...]

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Baylor opens its board to ALL Christians!

Baylor University has announced that it wll open 25% of its Regents board member positions to Chrsitians who are NOT Southern Baptitsts. from Inside Higher Ed, excerpted. Baylor’s statement announcing the change made clear that the university is well aware of the sensitivity around the issue. [...]

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Trashing the First Amendment

from God Experts Blog Why have a law if no one can enforce it? The Christian press generated enough energy this week to power a small city, gloating over a 5-4 Supreme Court decision allowing the continuance of an Arizona program to subsidize parochial schools through tax credits. The Christian Post[...]

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Let WGU manage the Huskies!

Now that Western Governors Washington is a Washington state university, why not ……? Imagine, without a need for faculty to annoy the athletes, their graduation rates would be wonderful! Imagine, for far less than the cost of athletic scholarship, WGU mentors could assure us that every at[...]