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April 1: Classical Humor


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We guys are so lucky!


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Man bites dog, woman smacks dude.


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IVANKA VISITS GERMANY: A Tale of Two Barbies … Ivanka and Ophelia

As Ivanka makes her first official trip abroad as a US official, I found it difficult not to think of the Presidential Adviser as a Barbi doll.  The ohso well groomed Trumpdotta appeared at an economics conference in Germany where less than Barbi like Angela Merkel is Chancellor.  Crowds booed[...]

March 1st, 2017 - 6:46 am § in Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway Blames Reporter For Picture Of Her Straddling Oval Office Couch

“I especially want to note that if the picture had captured one of those men staring between my wide-open legs, this would be a totally different conversation.” Conway said:  “‘This came from a journalist who is not happy that Donald Trump is the President, but I just want peopl[...]

January 19th, 2017 - 12:56 pm § in America, Donald Trump

BREAKING NEWS: The new Marine Guard will wear uniforms designed by the President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. 

(TAN, DC: April 1 2017)  Following the decision by General Mad Dog Mattis to ban female marines from combat roles, President Trump has had the lady marines transferred to the White House ceremonial detail.  “Using brave marines to serve my office is a waste of great, young men,  These brave[...]

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Trump’s Strumpets Fight The Gender War

Ex-Celebrity Apprentice star: Trump telling women to drop to their knees is ‘completely innocent’ WATCH: GOP Rep. says Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have been ‘so vindictive’ to women Bill slept with WATCH: Trump surrogate left stammering after her attack on Hillary for Bill’s affairs backfi[...]

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ONLY IN SEATTLE: Pramila Jayapal Plays Her Gender Card

Now here in ohso liberal Seattle, Pramila Jayapal, a straight woman, is using the gender card to run against  Brady Walkinshaw, a gay male, for Congress.  Do we really need to  live through the Trump campaign here too?  How bizarre!  Jayapal has played this game of identity politics well in [...]

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Spandex Pants

Tom Davidson FACEBOOK When I got to Lowe’s yesterday, the young, attractive gal parked next to me was busy loading her car. It was some pretty heavy stuff, and I was gonna ask if she needed help, but there were already two Lowe’s employees standing there – presumably helping her, [...]