Spandex Pants

Tom Davidson FACEBOOK
When I got to Lowe’s yesterday, the young, attractive gal parked next to me was busy loading her car. It was some pretty heavy stuff, and I was gonna ask if she needed help, but there were already two Lowe’s employees standing there – presumably helping her, so I didn’t bother – in spite of the fact that she was wearing spandex.

Besides, I’m a happily married man.

So, anyway, as I got to the door, a third employee went sprinting out to help – with a shit-eating grin on his face. By the time I got inside, there were all three guys standing there, watching her load her own vehicle.

Not one of them lifted a finger. They all just stood there watching her every move. At one point, one of the guys came running back inside – no doubt to recruit more “help.”

It was pretty funny.

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