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Can you spell “race car” backwards?


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Why White Parents Won’t Choose Black Schools By Abby Norman  HUFF POST FERRAN TRAITE SOLER VIA GETTY IMAGES 18k Last year when I attempted to pick my daughter up from school, the volunteers in the carpool line tried to put a fourth grader in my car, not the four year old I was attempting to [&hel[...]

September 28th, 2016 - 8:06 am § in Misc.

ONLY IN SEATTLE: Pramila Jayapal Plays Her Gender Card

Now here in ohso liberal Seattle, Pramila Jayapal, a straight woman, is using the gender card to run against  Brady Walkinshaw, a gay male, for Congress.  Do we really need to  live through the Trump campaign here too?  How bizarre!  Jayapal has played this game of identity politics well in [...]

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The Races Meet


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DO NOT TRAVEL HERE: The Sentinelese. Either you’ll kill them or they’ll kill you

This spear-wielding tribe has long kept away intruders, but now they’re facing a whole new threat: Sea cucumber poachers. BANGKOK — The Sentinelese, a tiny island tribe in the Indian Ocean, have a tried-and-true foreign policy. When outsiders approach their island, they swarm the shoreline a[...]

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A Geneticist’s Criticism of Racism.

On Nicholas Wade and the blurring of boundaries between science and fantasy By Michael Eisen | Published: June 4, 2014 I just finished reading Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance”, his latest effort to explain all of his personal racial prejudices in the light of recent human evolution.[...]

July 26th, 2015 - 9:15 am § in America

SOUTH CAROLINA: Honoring Americans, ALL Americans

While most Americans mourn the Charleston 9, tearing down the hateful flag was a small and much belated step.  Even this  has hurt the real feelings of some white Southerners who want to feel pride in their heritage. Let me suggest another way.  Even though my ancestors have been here for only a[...]

July 9th, 2015 - 1:02 am § in Misc.

HuffPost Interview: “So from a biological standpoint, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to use the term “race.”

There’s no doubt that different groups of people can look very different from one another. But to contemporary anthropologists and sociologists, the notion that there are distinct “races” of human beings, each with its own specific attributes, doesn’t make much sense. Dr. Mar[...]

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More Jews!!!

Shavei Israel sending first ever emissary to Nigerian Jews Brian Blum of Shavei Israel   are seeking a return to their ancient roots.  Like In 2012, Daniel Limor was invited to a royal audience with an African village king – a member of the Igbo tribe, the second largest ethnic group in Nige[...]