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June 27th, 2017 - 7:27 am § in The Ave Scene

UW Report of Minimum Wage Law in Seattle Loss of Jobs Disputed by U Cal Researcher

Last week, two reports on Seattle’s minimum wage ordinance reached opposite conclusions.  Researchers at the University of Washington found that  Seattle’s minimum wage is costing jobs.  A second report, requested by the the Mayor’s Office, claimed that the UW study was false. The Universit[...]

January 24th, 2016 - 1:07 am § in Misc.

More Low Paid Jobs Go to The Robots


October 5th, 2015 - 1:58 pm § in Misc.

Images of the 21st Century: French Post Cards: 4

SEEMORE OF THE FUTURE, from the fin de siécle.[...]

March 28th, 2012 - 9:57 am § in Misc.

Andy Rubin Likens Apple to North Korea

This recent image from The AVE’s sources in North Korea, along with comments from an  interview by Google VP Andy Rubin , raise fascinating questions.  Why wouldn’t Cupertino and Pyong Gang cooperate?  Google VP Andy Rubin talks about Apples need for censorship after   Steve Jobs had[...]

October 6th, 2011 - 12:17 pm § in The Ave Scene

More on Applesauce.

Over at SLOG David Goldstein is defending his love for the new iPhone and mourning the loss of Steve Jobs.  The odd thing about Job’s death is the wierd comparisons to Einstein, Edison, … even Aristotle.  A better caparison is to the Beetles. I think David  confuses the Beetles’[...]

July 26th, 2011 - 9:14 am § in Misc.

Who Pays For The Tea Party’s Excesses?

Republican posturing over the debt ceiling is increasing our national debt Patrick Sharma, postdoctoral fellow, The Bancroft Library | 7/20/11 | , Berkeley Blog One of the most important yet least acknowledged aspects of the debt ceiling drama currently gripping Washington is the fact that Republica[...]

March 16th, 2011 - 4:26 am § in America, Politics

Class Warfare in the U.S.: The Final Chapter

The combination of tax cuts skewed toward the wealthy and funding for the endless wars during a "jobless recovery" ensures we will have a citizenry best described as desperate and clueless. Edward Berneays, Hugo Chavez, more: News analysis from t r u t h o u t [...]

February 25th, 2011 - 2:35 am § in America, Politics

Everyone Out Saturday at the Olympia State House

Demonstrate Solidarity with Hard-Pressed Workers in the Middle West! Meet at the Tivoli Fountain, State Capitol Campus, Olympia, WA Saturday, Feb. 26, at Noon Includes Registration Button to Join MoveOn Contingent (You may participate without being part of MoveOn's Group) Saturday, 26 Feb 201[...]

January 6th, 2011 - 3:21 pm § in Misc.

Will Biotech Mean Jobs in Seattle?

Biotech is a major  part of the hoped-for-future of Seattle.  Is the promise real?  Will there be jobs? No one knows more about this then Luke Timmerman,  the Seattle based national biotech reporter for Xconomy, a news agency devoted to high technology. Like will talk at 9 AM, Tuesday the 18th o[...]