Everyone Out Saturday at the Olympia State House

Madison State Capitol with Protest Sign: 'Open for Business, Closed to Negotiations'

Wisconsin State Capitol with Protest Sign - 2/23/11

Protest Sponsored by a Who’s Who of Unions and Progressive Organizations
Including the Seattle & Olympia MoveOn Councils

South Sound Rally to Save the American Dream

Meet at Tivoli Fountain on the Capitol Campus

Saturday  February 26, 2011, at Noon

RSVP to Join MoveOn Contingent:
You need not join MoveOn to participate.
Labor Unions, Environmental and Peace Groups Also Expected.

If you’ve been yearning to get your ya-yas with all the wild excitement fermenting in Wisconsin, Indiana, and now Ohio, dress warmly and bring a big sign. People across the country will be joining us in cheering on the workers’ demos in Madison and elsewhere in the Midwest — and Mideast. This is an invitation to many thousands of activists to engage in glorious, liberating protest.

Middle class refugees, workers, the unemployed, unite!

Protestor at the Madison State House playing the drum

Madison Protestor Beats the Drum for Change

Only our own over-caution can hold us back.

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