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March 28th, 2016 - 2:07 pm § in Misc.


Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.   This is a possible God .. as evil as IT is good. Just a cause with no morals.   Here is what one religious guy had to say at Horses Ass[...]

June 15th, 2015 - 1:26 pm § in Misc.

WA Republican Anti-Taxers Have Lost the Editorial Boards on Capital Gains

Goldy Gives Kudoes to Seattle Times by Goldy — Monday, 6/15/15, 12:53 pm Our state’s editorial boards love to complain about the budget impasse in Olympia, but for many years they have played a key role in the obstruction, consistently opposing any substantive new tax—especially on income—as[...]

May 13th, 2015 - 1:34 am § in America, Politics, The Ave Scene

Of Sawant and Apartheid, The $700 Bet.

  Last night at Drinking Liberally, David Goldstein of HorsesAss offered to bet me $700 … the amount he has contributed to her campaign this year, that she would win in the primary with over 50% of the vote. I refused to bet that much, after all David is now a hired writer for a billion[...]

April 20th, 2015 - 10:39 am § in America, The Ave Scene

HORSESASS: Creating Homes in Seattle

How Seattle Can Build Thousands of Affordable, Rent-Stabilized Housing Units at No Cost to Taxpayers! by Goldy — Monday, 4/13/15, 8:26 am Last week I upset some of my urbanist friends by once again suggesting that the market alone could not build its way out of Seattle’s growing affordable housi[...]

March 24th, 2015 - 1:51 am § in America, The Ave Scene

Seattle’s Wealth vs Poor: The GUARDIAN

The Guardian Writes About Seattle: Many business owners, (the Seattle entrepreneur) said, have an “econo-erotic fantasy”, imagining that even if they aren’t paying their employees enough to buy goods and services from other firms, those firms are. ” The Guardian’s Alastair Gee describ[...]

February 2nd, 2015 - 1:17 pm § in The Ave Scene

Seattle’s “I am not a billionaire.”

Nick Hanauer is the scion of a small family fortune made in the pillows industry, the Pacific Coast Feather Company. He invested some of the feather money in Amazon and that has paid off well. Now he is, by all accounts, either a billionaire or a modest fellow trying to become a billionaire. A Seat[...]

May 15th, 2014 - 4:01 am § in The Ave Scene

Death, slow death, of the Seattle Times

My wife and I cancelled our subscription to the Seattle Times a couple of years ago when we realized we were only buying it for the Wednesday food ads.  What little reading was left outside of the QFC and Safeway pages was rehash of news we had already read online or in our subscriptions to [&helli[...]

April 26th, 2014 - 1:31 pm § in The Ave Scene

THE Ave Scene: 15% and a weak candidate to run against Reichert

Over at HorsesAss Goldy’s music  seems to be building toward a crescendo, playing on the signature of notes of the $15 minimum wage movement as if this were to become the theme music of a  symphony, a  Noble Cause. Occupy was also a Noble Cause.  However, lacking a composer, the music ende[...]

April 10th, 2014 - 10:18 am § in Hypocrisy

Sometimes the right is right

Over at HorsesAss, Goldy complains that  “Governor Inslee has absolutely nothing political to gain from appointing a justice from the other side of the mountains. Either way, he will not receive a single Eastern Washington daily newspaper editorial board endorsement in 2016, regardless of his[...]

April 6th, 2014 - 1:16 am § in America, Hypocrisy, Religion

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Christian antisemitism

Over at HorsesAss, a commentator states: PUDDY: If you love ANYTHING more than God you are placing an idol in front of God. To sum it up for the HA DUMMOCRETIN God hating morons here… Love God first and He’ll give you all things including that love of your family. SMS replies: Yes, and that [&he[...]