Sometimes the right is right

Over at HorsesAss, Goldy complains that  “Governor Inslee has absolutely nothing political to gain from appointing a justice from the other side of the mountains. Either way, he will not receive a single Eastern Washington daily newspaper editorial board endorsement in 2016, regardless of his Republican opponent. Nor would such an appointment earn him any additional Eastern Washington votes.”

Goldy’s message is that the Governor ought not to be influenced by Republicans who will nto vote for him on any case. I think this is hypocrisy.   IF the Latino transgender community had a qualified candidate. wouldn’t we all say that person’s other properties made them a good choice?  Is being from Walla Wall not a reasonable part of judge’s CV

Why isn’t being from Eastern Washington an worthwhile criterion?  Isn’t his hypocrisy?  Hell, even being a Republican might be a good things, if there are stio rational Republicans.  Sometimes the right is right!

I am lucky enough to be at the UW under Michael Young as President.  He is very good but he is also a Mormon and a Republican as well as being a very accomplished attorney.

Would David rule Michael Young out as a candidate for Supreme Court  because the UW President  has the wron kinds of diversity?

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