Is there hope for GOP voters?

There’s not a lot of reason to believe there is.

After all, they still support Trump despite his immorality, dishonesty, and total lack of character. Their own behavior leaves a lot to be desired (see, e.g., threats against election workers). And, in North Carolina, they elected Madison Cawthorn to Congress.

He was a known quantity then, but now it’s worse. He’s been pulled over by cops 3 times in recent months (for speeding and driving with a revoked license). He’s been caught twice trying to sneak a gun through airport security.

He’s accused of insider trading. And kinky sex. (“Images have … been leaked of him wearing women’s lingerie. Another leaked video appeared to show him naked in bed thrusting against another person.”) Read story here.

The Republican Party, to its small credit, and I say small because they’ve defended him until now, has had enough. They’re working to defeat him. Not because of the above, but because he accused them of back-room cocaine orgies.

It’s hard to decide whether to describe Cawthorn as nuts, a goofball, a loose cannon, or maybe all through. He isn’t normal, that’s clear. And, by logical inference, anybody who would vote to be represented in Congress by him isn’t normal, either. I’m referring to the voters of his district.

So the question is, are the voters of North Carolina CD-11 as reckless and irresponsible as he is?

Maybe not. Recent polling shows his approval rating has dropped, although it’s still favorable (that’s a problem), but notably only 39% are now willing to re-elect him, whereas 61% aren’t (see poll results here). They do have an alternative that doesn’t require them to vote for a Democrat, which likely would be a bridge too far for many of them; Cawthorn has a slew of Republican primary opponents (see list here). In fact, so many that his best hope for political survival is they divide the anti-Cawthorn vote among themselves.

Cawthorn clearly doesn’t belong in Congress. It’s possible the voters of western North Carolina (see map below) will remove him. But don’t forget they elected him in the first place. My advice is don’t visit or drive through that place; if you’re traveling in the area, go around. You won’t be safe there.

As for Republican voters in general, I’d want to see the entire House Clown Caucus (Cawthorn, Greene, Gaetz, and Boebert) defeated before I start believing they’re capable of being responsible citizens once again.

Photo above: Cawthorn, who was crippled in a car crash, is on the right in the photo of above (just so there’s no confusion)

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