Will Trump’s postmaster go?

Trump lackey Louis DeJoy (photo, left) is notorious for slowing mail service.

But I’ll always remember him as the guy who made mailboxes disappear before the 2020 election. (They magically reappeared after the election; see my posting here.)

You want an election conspiracy? Well, there it is. Republicans don’t like mail votes. Removing mailboxes (he also scrapped mail sorting machines, see story here) made it harder to vote by mail. (In Washington, where I live, all voting is by mail, which saves taxpayers millions of dollars.)

We’ve seen that Republicans, an unpopular minority party, will do anything to “win” elections. In 2020, that included pulling up mailboxes. DeJoy, a partisan hack, ordered that to give Trump an edge. He deserves to be fired.

The problem, as MSNBC says, is that “Biden does not have the legal authority to fire the postmaster general, though he probably wishes he did” (see story here). That’s the purview of an independent postal board.

But DeJoy may have moved closer to the exit door on Friday, May 13, 2022, when the Senate confirmed two more Biden appointees to that board, a majority of whom are now Biden appointees. He still can’t order them to fire DeJoy, but doesn’t need to. DeJoy, plagued by financial scandals and conflicts of interest, has done everything he can to get himself canned.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting.

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