Polls close in Sawant recall election

Since 2013, Kshama Sawant has been a Seattle City Council member. Now, voters in her district are being asked to kick her off the council before her term ends.

Dr. Steve Schwartz, the late founder of this blog, wasn’t a fan of hers; and if you search this blog, you’ll find stories critical of her.

Courts validated three recall petition complaints against her: She gave Black Lives Matter protesters access to City Hall, led a march to Mayor Durkan’s private residence, and used city funds to promote a ballot initiative. Tossed was an accusation that she delegated hiring/firing decisions to an outside political group.

Sawant opponents have raised about $800,000, much of it from businesses; supporters have raised about $684,000, mostly from individuals. Of roughly 76,000 voters in her district, more than 16,000 people signed the recall petition. Read story here.

In Oregon, a Republican was expelled from the legislature for letting pro-Trump rioters into the state capitol building (see story here). So why shouldn’t Sawant be removed from office for doing essentially the same thing? We need consistency about these things, otherwise enforcing it on one side but not the other is hypocritical and loses its moral persuasion.

This isn’t about Sawant’s politics. It’s about getting norm-breaking behavior out of politics.

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  1. Not a fan #

    Sawant should retire from politics.

    1. Leading marching protestors to a citizen’s private residence and giving protestors access to City Hall, should also make her eligible for removal from office.

  2. Open Letter to Santa Claus #

    Dear Santa: I have been sort of good this year 🙂

    Please grant me this wish I have for Seattle this Christmas season: please work your magic among the enlightened Seattle voters and encourage their positivity to recall Kshama Sawant.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all.

    Ho! Ho! Ho!