University of Washington Magazine, December 2021, article links

This is the official quarterly publication of the U.W. Alumni Association, and can be found online here. Articles in the current issue include:

Legal Relief – A U.W. program works with prison inmates serving long sentences for crimes committed as juveniles to help them secure release and aid their transition back into society.

Why Get A Booster? – An immunologist explains what booster shots are, their purpose, and who should get them.

Fruit Drinks – How public health academics seek to counter deceptive marketing of unhealthy sugar-laden fruit beverages.

The Machine Runs Amok – “Twisted facts, fake news and social media spoofs can turn society upside down. One UW team is working to help us through the infodemic,” reads the subhead. The article explores how some false stories went viral (e.g., “Sharpiegate”), and says a nonprofit that works to counter online hate “determined that just twelve people were responsible for nearly two-thirds of the anti-vaccine content on social media platforms.” Once you know that, pressuring social media companies to deplatform toxic misinformation-spreaders makes a lot of sense. (That’s my comment, not the magazine’s.)

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