How gross, vile, and dumb is Donny Trump Jr.?

Shooting an elephant, cutting off its tail, and gloating at a camera was gross. (Here.)

Claiming Democrats hoped Covid-19 would come to America and “kill millions of people” in order to “end Donald Trump’s streak of winning” (here) was more vile than gross, but I’m throwing it in to show there’s no bottom to this guy’s mudsdlinging.

Blaming last winter’s Texas power grid failure on that state’s “Democrat governor” (he’s actually a Republican) was more dumb than gross (here), but I’m throwing it in to show a negative IQ is not only a theoretical possibility but an empirical reality.

Now, he’s “selling shirts and hoodies that read ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People’ on his website for $27.99,” Huffington Post reported on Monday, October 25, 2021 (photo, left; story here). Which means you can add greed to the adjectives (gross, vile, and dumb) that describe Donald Trump Jr.

Also add “defendant,” because it’s hard to see how he won’t get sued by Alec Baldwin for this. Not for defamation, because as a public figure Baldwin is fair game for criticism, but for using his name for commercial purposes, which is a form of theft, like campaigns using music without recording artists’ permission.

And yeah, he actually called CNN “stupid” (see story here). Because a substantial number of people eat that up, and vote too. That’s how Trump got 61 million gross votes. Lest you think I’m using a double entre, let me be clear: Not only are Trump and his policies gross, but his voters are gross, too. (Do you need examples? Pictures?)

Photo, below right: Is this the dumbest person on the planet? Are negative IQs possible? I say yes, and yes.

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