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March 28th, 2022 - 12:09 am § in Misc.

The slap seen around the world

Chris Rock is a comedian who tells jokes. Often about other celebrities. Jokes can fall flat, even go bad. His “G.I. Jane” joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss (she has alopecia, see story here) triggered Will Smith, her husband. Watch what happened next in the first video bel[...]

March 11th, 2022 - 9:31 pm § in Humor, Misc.

Alternative “Titanic” (video)

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February 1st, 2022 - 1:40 am § in Health, News Media, Politics

Joe Rogan: Guilty or innocent?

Podcaster Joe Rogan (profile here), who self-identifies as a libertarian and free speech advocate, claims “I’ve never tried to do anything with this podcast other than just talk to people and have interesting conversations.” A lot of people beg to differ, including “270 scientists, physi[...]

January 26th, 2022 - 9:29 pm § in Politics, Racism

Support your local police

Who says we don’t? Well, apparently Jennie Nguyen thinks we don’t, if we also support racial equality and justice. Bravo, a cable network owned by NBC Universal that specializes in reality TV shows aimed at women, fired Nguyen from “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” The Hil[...]

December 28th, 2021 - 8:46 pm § in Humor

SNL’s “More Cowbell” (video)

This skit is famous. Wikipedia says (here) it’s “considered one of the greatest SNL sketches ever made, and … is often placed in the top ten, being ranked number nine by Rolling Stone. As a result of its popularity, ‘more cowbell’ became an American pop culture catc[...]

November 14th, 2021 - 7:10 pm § in Donald Trump

How “Blair Witch Project” explains Trumpism

The Blair Witch Project, which I haven’t seen, is a cultural phenomenon (details here). Simply put, it’s a horror-genre movie based on a fictional plot involving people who disappear. Now, a Seattle TV station helpfully uses the movie to explain the Trump phenomenon (read story here). Si[...]

November 11th, 2021 - 1:48 am § in Humor

Why the Founding Fathers didn’t go with pure democracy

Obviously because they watched this clip from the (now-canceled) Norwegian TV series “Norsemen” on YouTube (like we do) and after thinking about it went “hmm.” Yeah, reserving a veto power is always a good idea. Especially when you’re among friends. Return to The-Ave.US[...]

November 9th, 2021 - 4:33 pm § in Misc.

Money is lovely, but tall and handsome is better

Watch Jeff Bezos’ (current) girlfriend dish on Leonardo diCaprio while Short Stuff watches, and read about his reaction here. The poor guy is destined to go through life playing this Beatles song over and over in his head. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

October 25th, 2021 - 2:18 pm § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Misc., Politics

How gross, vile, and dumb is Donny Trump Jr.?

Shooting an elephant, cutting off its tail, and gloating at a camera was gross. (Here.) Claiming Democrats hoped Covid-19 would come to America and “kill millions of people” in order to “end Donald Trump’s streak of winning” (here) was more vile than gross, but I’[...]

October 21st, 2021 - 11:25 pm § in Humor, Politics

You’d think she killed somebody

From the U.K.-based tabloid Daily Mail, on Thursday, October 21, 2021 (here): “Republicans are telling Meghan Markle to ‘stick to acting’ and daring the royal family to strip her of her title after she wrote a letter to Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Majority Lea[...]