OIympic swimmer ID’d as rioter

“Klete Keller, a swimmer and two-time Olympic gold medal winner for the United States, was recognized by former teammates and coaches as one of the participants in the deadly pro-Trumb mob that overtook the Capitol last week,” The Hill reported on Tuesday, January 12, 2020. Read story here and here.

Keller was “seen wearing a U.S. Olympic team jacket” standing over a crowd “pushing and shoving police officers,” The Hill said, adding that Keller was a vocal Trump supporter on social media.

Keller, now 38, is 6-foot-6-inches and stands out in a crowd.

The Hill noted, “No video released from Wednesday’s events appears to show Keller participating in any violent acts while at the Capitol,” and he hasn’t been arrested. However, federal prosecutors have indicated that unauthorized presence in the building is a federal crime, and they intend to pursue criminal charges against “hundreds” of people.

Keller may have been fired Monday from a Colorado real estate agency where he’d been working as an agent.

Photo: Klete Keller at the Pan Pacific championships in 2006

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  1. Six foot six blends in with the crowd by wearing his Olympic team jacket only a right winger could be this smart #

    Fired form his job, stripped of his medals for participating and assaulting police officers.

  2. Mark S Adams #

    Why would the Olympic organization strip his medals? The fact you want him fired is vindictive. Most of the folks who got into the Capital are gong to be charged with trespass. Going after the mans Olympic medals is beyond the control of the US government and even beyond the powers of the US Olympic organization.

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