Biden gains 87 votes from Trump’s $3 million Wisconsin recount

A recount in Wisconsin’s two largest and most Democratic counties that cost the Trump campaign $3 million increased Biden’s lead in that state by 87 votes, CNN reported on Sunday, November 29, 2020 (read story here).

Biden gained on Trump by 132 votes in Milwaukee County, which has a large black population, and fell back by 47 votes in Dane County, home of the state capitol and main campus of the University of Wisconsin, where many of the voters are state employees or students.

Biden won the state by over 20,000 votes, but Trump now says he’ll challenge the results in court. It’s not clear what legal grounds he has. Almost without exception, Trump’s legal challenges in other states have been thrown out by the courts.

As I’ve written before on this blog (here), when Trump talks about “election fraud,” he doesn’t mean legal fraud cognizable in the courts, but rather is very likely referring to black votes. Trump is a white supremacist, and the GOP is a white supremacist party, so it’s logical they consider black voting “fraud” and black people’s votes “fraudulent.” But where this will get them is unclear.

Nowhere in recounts, the courts, or the electoral college. Most likely it’s fodder for Trump’s planned post-White House television career.

Photo: Vote fraud! If even one mascot voted, the entire election must be thrown out!

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  1. Mark Adams #

    In a true Democracy Wisconsins votes would be split and the two major candidates would get half.

    So we get a Republican party with a former President leading them for 4 years.

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