Devil reneges on deal with Pence

“When Mike Pence held his nose and agreed to become the running mate of a man he found deeply offensive, he clearly hoped the decision would one day result in his own election to the presidency. But new polls out this week indicate that Pence’s hopes of ever ascending to the Oval Office are slim to none.” — Mother Jones (read story here)

Too bad, Mike. You’re the victim of a double-cross. Who would’ve thought Old Beelzebub would ever stoop to such a thing? Obviously, you didn’t.

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  1. Beelzebub is in the White House #

    You made a deal, you lose your soul.

  2. Mark Adams #

    Unless the VP ascends to office through the death or resignation of the President the chances of the VP running and winning and winning are slim. VP is often the end and pinnacle of a politicians career, in Great Britain getting ones enemies appointed to the House of Lords and they accept ends their career. It sn’t where Pence is in the polls today, it is where he will be in three years. First among Republicans, and if he woos them amoung US citizens. Or he could accept the deal from Trump and pardon Trump in return for a few days or weeks as President. In any case the man is not going to go to New Albany and start a commune.