Will Trump be prosecuted?

For starters, given the near-equal division of the country between Republicans and Democrats, it may be tough getting a jury to convict him, regardless of what the evidence is, or how justified the prosecution is.

In addition, federal charges — most likely for obstruction and/or perjury — could be taken off the table by a pardon. Or, alternatively, by Biden’s already-stated reluctance to go after him on such charges.

Trump has long been thought at greater risk danger of being prosecuted by state authorities on charges like tax evasion, and bank and insurance fraud. Mother Jones says,

“Attempts to hold Trump accountable in office were almost entirely unsuccessful. His loss in November was the first true check on his conduct. The next—which seems all but inevitable—may come in a courtroom.”

Read story here. I wouldn’t call it inevitable, but given how dishonest Trump is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s indicted on some type of fraud charge. But even in a state court, the partisan loyalty of a juror — and it takes only one — could prove a major obstacle to getting a conviction. One thing’s for sure, though: If Trump is charged with a crime, Rudy Giuliani isn’t the lawyer he wants defending him.

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  1. trump permanently retires to a golf course #

    Leaves politics to the grown ups.

  2. mARK ADAMS #

    If it is civil actions this is nothing new for Trump or the Trump organization. Some of the possible actions do face the question of what is normal in the New York property market. It does and has involved politics.

    Just like Trump wanting and venting about going after and imprisoning certain individuals. It did not happen. There are issues with the Clinton library that at least appear to be unethical if not illegal. The IRS at minimum could go after and dissolve the non profit. Is not likely to happen, and has not except for occasional noise. It will likely be the same for Trump. No one is going to go after Trump on anything connected to Corvid unless he is the owner of one of the vaccine companies. If they did then a number of governors will join him in the pokey. Democrats and Republican. Maybe the sitting President would join him due to vaccine statements he made during the debates. Biden is going to have to sell a vaccine he discouraged Americans from taking. In any case the scourge will take its course. Eventually it will run out of hosts or be endemic to remain with us for decades or millennia.

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