Top medical journal calls for ousting “dangerously incompetent politicians”

     The New England Journal of Medicine, one of the world’s most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals with roots stretching back to 1811, broke a 209-year tradition of staying out of politics, is calling “for Americans to vote out leaders who have not done enough to address the pandemic,” NBC News reported on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 (read story here).

     Thirty-five of the publication’s editors signed an editorial that said,

“The response of our nation’s leaders has been consistently inadequate. The federal government has largely abandoned disease control to the states … our current political leaders have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetent. We should not abet them and enable the deaths of thousands more Americans by allowing them to keep their jobs.”

     You can read the complete editorial here.

Last month, Scientific American endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time in its 175-year history.

     None of this is surprising. Under Trump, the GOP berates science and medical experts. Scientists and doctors are speaking out in hopes of keeping Americans from going farther down this path. Not listening to them is self-destructive, because they know what they’re talking about. Let me interject here that no one is calling for an end to the Republican Party. But America needs a far better Republican Party than the monster that Trump and his ignorant followers have created.

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  1. Time for a change #

    They mean trump and all science/climate change denying republicans?


    America and the world deserves a change from this fiasco of a presidency.