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October 8th, 2020 - 10:33 pm § in Donald Trump, Health, Hypocrisy

Aborted fetal tissue key to Trump’s experimental drug treatment

Trump is talking up Renegeron’s antibody cocktail as a cure for Covid-19. “I went in, I wasn’t feeling so hot, and within a very short period of time, they gave me Regeneron. It’s called Regeneron. And other things, too, but I think this was the key. But they gave me Regenero[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 9:48 pm § in Health, Humor, Misc.

First tree huggers, now cow cuddlers

Curious? Read story here. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 9:24 pm § in Science

The average American doesn’t give a damn about singularities

The average American doesn’t win a Nobel Prize, either. Singularities are the beating hearts of black holes. Well, okay, I’m being literary. They’re at the heart of black holes. They are the black hole. A black hole is sort of like a car that’s gone through a crusher, except [...]

October 8th, 2020 - 8:22 pm § in Donald Trump, Hypocrisy, Law and Courts, Politics

Hypocrisy alert: Trump and Pence flip-flop on prosecuting terrorists in civilian courts

This article contains news and liberal sarcasm. Pence bragged in Wednesday’s debate about bringing two ISIS killers of American citizens “to justice in the United States.” In other words, they’re going to prosecute them in federal courts, not send them to Gitmo. Trump and Pence criti[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 7:54 pm § in Misc., Schools & Colleges

American poet wins Nobel Prize

American poet Louise Gluck won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature “for her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal.” Read story here. She teaches, and is writer in residence, at Yale University. Read her Wikipedia bio here. Return to The-Ave.US Hom[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 7:36 pm § in Donald Trump, Misc.

Why didn’t Stockholm call?

Trump doesn’t win Nobel Peace Prize! The World Food Programme helped over 100 million people last year. Trump helped himself. Of course, the selection criteria may not be purely quantitative. It’s possible that quality of content matters, too. Photo: Trump waiting for Stockholm to call [...]

October 8th, 2020 - 5:24 pm § in Misc.

What “poorly run blue states” means in relief bill negotiations

Relief bill negotiations apparently are going to resume, but helping state and local governments, which have suffered massive tax revenue declines, continues to be a major sticking point because of Trump’s adamant opposition to aid for “poorly run blue states.” But what does that m[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 3:39 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

James Carville urges Democrats to stop worrying about the election

Biden will win, and there’s nothing Republicans can do about it, James Carville says. Carville is the savvy Democratic political consultant who helped Bill Clinton win the 1992 election. He acknowledges “the Democrats are a party ridden with crushing anxiety and self-doubt,” but ar[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 1:57 pm § in Donald Trump

Trump blames his illness on veterans’ families

This article contains news and commentary. “President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that he may have become infected with the coronavirus at a White House event honoring Gold Star families — but a veterans’ group involved in the event said none of the relatives of fallen service memb[...]

October 8th, 2020 - 1:11 pm § in America, Donald Trump, Health, Politics, Science

Top medical journal calls for ousting “dangerously incompetent politicians”

     The New England Journal of Medicine, one of the world’s most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals with roots stretching back to 1811, broke a 209-year tradition of staying out of politics, is calling “for Americans to vote out leaders who have not done enough to address the[...]