I believe her, not him

CNN, September 18, 2020

“Last week the White House was hit by a bombshell: A former top aide to Vice President Mike Pence, who was intimately involved in the administration’s response to the coronavirus, blamed President Trump for mishandling the crisis and causing unnecessary deaths. The official was Olivia Troye. … Until her departure in July, Troye was Vice President Pence’s homeland security adviser, the top aide responsible for advising him on everything from terrorist attacks and natural disasters to global pandemics. In fact, she was one of the White House officials on the Covid-19 task force from the start.” (Quoted from here) Troye, in the video below, says she resigned in disgust:

CNN, September 22, 2020

“The White House moved quickly Thursday to try to discredit Olivia Troye … the administration sought to paint Troye as a disgruntled, low-level employee who was fired. But in doing so, the White House made a series of misleading and sometimes outright false statements about the role Troye had on the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the circumstances of her departure.” (Quoted from here) Now watch Keith Kellogg say, in the video below, that he fired her and personally escorted her off the premises (of course he did; that’s why there are no witnesses to corroborate this!):

They can’t both be telling the truth; one of them is a liar. Guess which? You get three guesses, and should be able to get this on the first two, if not the first one. One more question: When is this country going to start believing honest and honorable people, and stop believing dishonest and dishonorable people? It isn’t that hard to do.

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