Rogue candidate hires rogue operator for rogue campaign

     Kanye West has hired “a secretive consulting firm … run by a man with a long history of controversial work for Republicans,” CNN reported on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

     Nathan Sproul isn’t as well known as some other GOP rogue operatives, e.g. Roger Stone and James O’Keefe, but he’s notorious.
     Although he’s managed to avoid personal legal repercussions, his consulting firms have been investigated for submitting fake voter registrations, destroying legitimate Democratic voter registrations, and other nefarious actions.
     CNN says Sproul’s work for Kanye West “lends credence to the notion that the West campaign is working to siphon votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden and boost President Donald Trump’s chances of reelection.”
     It “isn’t holding events or hammering home an agenda with voters [but] appears solely focused on getting on the ballot in as many states as possible.” So far, he’s on the ballot in only 12 states, but those include the swing states of Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado.
     The West campaign’s activities reflect Sproul’s M.O.: “[A]llegations have emerged across the country of the West campaign submitting fake signatures, duping voters into signing petitions supporting West, and … soliciting for signatures under false pretenses,” CNN says, adding that “election lawyers … were struck by how widespread the cases of the West campaign’s sloppy — and in some cases possibly fraudulent — paperwork appeared to be.”
     Conclusion: West’s faux campaign is nothing more than classic GOP dirty tricks designed to help Trump win reelection.
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Photos: Rogue candidate (top left), rogue operative (bottom right)

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