Bernies Sanders is NOT being honest about his heart!

Feel the Heart Bern Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington TimesWASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders says he doesn’t plan to divulge additional information about his health,

“I think we have released a detailed medical report, and I’m comfortable on what we have done,” the 78-year-old Vermont senator said during a CNN town hall on Tuesday.

This is bizarre in the extreme.  Sanders checked into a Las Vegas hospital with chest discomfort on Oct. 1. He had two stents inserted. Stents DO NOT PREVENT MYOCARDIAL INFARCTIONS.  They make the patient feel better, relieve the pain, but the probability of a subsequent event depends on risk factors … family history, diabetes. blood pressure.

Meanwhile, Sander’s campaign has not released any studies on the status of Sanders heart after the injury.  Campaign spokeswoman Briahna Joy Gray sought to deflect health-related inquiries during an appearance on CNN, acting as if stents were some sort of elective procedure.  Then she suggested that the line of questioning was akin to a “smear campaign.” and went so far as to claim that  Mike Bloomberg had also suffered a heart attack.

The facts is thaT Bloomberg had two stents inserted after his doctors performed a heart stress test in 2000, but he did not have a heart attack. In contrast, other candidates, except for Pete Buttigieg,  have released letters summarizing their past and present health and Elizabeth Warren, 70, also included four pages of key lab test results. Biden’s doctor’s letter covered three pages giving the 77-year-old’s history and most recent checkups.

The only reason for Sanders to withhold any of his health information is that Sanders has a bad prognosis.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    When there is a requirement for all politicians running for any office especially dog catcher to release to the public health records or review of their health by a neutral third party then I will take this seriously. It is improper an unfair to single out the office of President for different standards than other individuals running for Federal or for state office. In fact it is absurd. And frankly any and all staff of any candidate for President should damn well obscure what the public is told and of course their guy or gal is in great health and able to do the job.

    Ultimately voters decide. And voters have managed to choose candidates who will last until the day of inauguration with the single exception of a Vice Presidential candidate who was on the losing party ticket the voters have yet to get it wrong.