We Need a President Who Will Restrict Her Power to Rule!


So, as we move through 4 Anno Trumpi, , I choose Warren because she takes a Presidential Reform Act seriously. I doubt Bernie or Bloomberg would want one at all. My own version of such an act is on . I WELCOME COMMENTS!
The damage Trump has done to the Constitution is massive, fixing that damage IT HAS TO BE THE FIRST ACT OF THE NEW PRESIDENT!  i find it hard to imagine such an effort by an idealogue like Bernie or a corporate executive like Mike. 
Assuming (and hoping) that the Dems take both houses, the new President will have the power to fix the damage Trump has done because the founders placed the Congress as Article 1 of the Constitution and, within the limits of Article 2, the Constitution leaves it to Congress to define the President’s job. 
A simple majority of both houses can return the Presidency to the role that it was intended to have when Washington assumed that role.  Moreover, I would expect that with a Democrat sitting in the chair, even the Republicans would join with the Democrats to remove the President’s accrued powers to make war, create an internal army, levy taxes, refuse Congressional oversighte, pardon his buddies and manipulate the courts.
These regal powers developed because Presidents, including Washington, wanted the sort of executive authority that was held by the crowns.  Where power in Europe came from God and was endorsed by the Image result for who killed hamiltonnotion of divine right, power form the people was still vague.  Washington quickly realized he had been given too little of power to get done what he felt needed to be done. 
Hamilton, Washington’s choice as a successor, wanted to make himself a de facto dictator.  Until the bullet from Burr’s pistol he had gotten himself the rank of Lt. General and Congress had approved the creation of an internal army all too reminiscent of how distortions “of the people” function today.
Unfortunately, since Jefferson’s time, Congress has slowly given more and more regal authority to the President. Jefferson gave himself the power to make treaties, Jackson took the power to make (covert) war and overrule the courts. Polk made open war. Lincoln, hell Lincoln made himself pro tempore Emperor. And so it has gone from Nixon’s covert war, Reagan’s arms deals with the Cintras and Iran, Bush II’s creation of an illegal internal army, Psuedo treaties under Obama, and then …… TRUMP.
Now what is left? So, I choose Warren because she tales a Presidential Reform Act seriously. I doubt Bernie or Bloomberg would want one at all. My own version of such an act is on . I WELCOME COMMENTS!

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  1. Mark Adams #

    I doubt any of the candidates on the Democratic stage in Nevada would have any inclination to implement a Presidential Reform Act. It goes against the grain of politics. Now support of a candidate from the fringe like a Jill Stein you might actually get some reform. Yes Congress could take back power, but the last 50 years no Congress has taken any of it back, and has given more power to the Executive Branch. The retirement of the Patriot Act would be a good start. The discontinuation of the Espionage Act that would have ended had there been a treaty at the end of WWI, but Congress seems to like secrets.

    At this time it is likely that Donald Trump will have a second term. The Senate will likely remain Republican, and there is a fair chance the Republicans will retake the house. Trump could even have coattails. Will any of this be a Democratic priority in an open Presidential election with no incumbent President?

    Are Democrats going to throw in with having a Constitutional Convention? Something like it would have to happen to even get much of your proposals out the gate. Though exactly what you would get out of a convention is hard to predict. It is entirely possible it the convention would fall apart.

    Maybe the constitution would assign duties and obligations to citizens. tear up all the treaties with Indian tribes by tossing the idea of Indian Tribes. Maybe we could have a Dictator like the Roman Dictators. Or make the President and Vice President co-counsels. Move the Capital to someplace in Kansas or Oklahoma.

    We could do away with States. JUst have sectors, and each sector will be run by governors appointed in Washington DC. And all the policies will be the same, no more of this Mississippi not doing things New York does.

    Maybe make the Speaker of the House more like a Prime Minister. So we could be more French and have tension between the two offices and no one really sure who is in charge and exactly how.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    A good start would be the Republican senators doing their @$#%&! jobs the next time Trump tramples on the Constitution (and there will be a next time, if it hasn’t happened already).

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    Neither Warren nor anyone else can reform the presidency to prevent Trump or another thug like him from abusing its powers. He will simply ignore any reform act, just as Republicans everywhere ignore campaign finance reform laws and routinely violate the voting rights of minorities. Laws are mere scraps of paper when those responsible for upholding them refuse to do so, as we have just seen.