Vote on abuse of power: 48-52

Vote on obstruction of Congress: 47-53

Romney broke ranks on 1 article; no Democrats voted to acquit

The lack of any Democratic defections deprives Trump of any talking point that his acquittal was “bipartisan,” plus he lost a Republican vote on the most damning article of impeachment.

This result is much worse for Trump and Republicans in the history books than, say, a 55-45 or 54-46 vote would have been. The fact no Democrats voted for acquittal and one Republican voted for removal is a BIG deal because it portrays Trump’s acquittal for what it is: Partisan tribalism.

In no way does it exonerate him, especially in light of the remarks of several GOP senators who called his behavior “wrong” or “inappropriate” but lacked the guts to buck their party and hold him accountable. But it weakens the Impeachment Clause as a deterrent against rogue presidential behavior.

And while Romney couldn’t stomach Trump’s abuse of power, and voted for witnesses in the Senate trial, he ultimately gave him a pass on obstructing all investigation of his behavior, which impairs Congress’ oversight authority and damages our constitutional system of checks and balances.

As for the rest, Republicans can never again credibly complain about the behavior of any Democratic president.

They have argued, “Let the people decide.” And so it will be. Now it’s up to us.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Shortly Senator Romney could find himself out of caucus. Mitch at the very least is going to change the Senators committee assignments. Are the Democrats going to take him in?

  2. theaveeditor #

    I do not think Romney would want to be a Dem

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    Romney will never switch parties. Nor can he do so politically. Utah is the reddest of all states. But he certainly must expect the petty, vindictive, and paranoid bully in the White House to seek revenge. He might get an IRS audit letter next week. Or a Selective Service conscription notice. Or word from the INS that he’s being deported to the “shithole” country his ancestors came from. That would be Scotland. If I were him, I’d pay a visit to Trump’s Scottish golf course and take a leak on the 18th hole green when I got there.