A Trumpie Uses Anti Semitic Memes to Attack Mitt Romney

Dallas Jolley

Dallas Jolley A pretty deranged FB Trumper has now gone on the attack against Mitt Romney using the language of antisemitism!

” Utahns should hold a recall election to get rid of Romney. Romney will go down as a modern day Pharisee, who can’t admit the good that Trump has brought to America. (I am not comparing Trump to Christ, I am saying that Romney is one who is acting as jury, judge, and executioner of Trump, which are hardly the acts of a good Christian.) I am a Latter-day Saint and I am sorry to say that so is Romney. Romney is not religious; mercy is the center piece of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Romney strains out a gnat and swallows a camel. Romney, before he ran for president was a supporter of Abortion. That is not acceptable under the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ancient and Modern prophets have condemned Abortion. Romney is an embarrassment.”

So Mr. Jolley, you want to blame the rabbis, the Pharisees who founded modern Judaism for killing your Jesus?The you dare use that ancient bloody smear to besmirch the heroism of Mitt Romney?  Maybe you need to visit Oberammergau where that horrid story has been retold for 400 years at a cost of how many lives, Jewish lives?

And now you want to spread you blood libel to a devout Mormon because he doe snot, like you, believe in forced pregancy?

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