A Long View of Limbaugh and the Medal of Freedom

Dick Brass It’s ok. Over the next few months, Rush’s own body will torture, emaciate and finally kill him. It will be agonizing and he will die gasping for air. Then, for a couple of decades, history will piss on his grave for all the evil, vicious lies told by this hate spewing psycho sack of smegma. After which he will be forgotten entirely. Forever. 


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  1. Mark Adams #

    We do not know if any of Dick Brass’s statement will come to pass. Limbaugh may recover and continue to be on the airwaves. History does not piss on anyone’s grave. Human beings may piss there, but frankly taking a piss in a graveyard is likely to get you arrested, especially if you piss on a grave. History does not care.
    The fact he received the highest civilian medal means that is a footnote that will continue on as long as there is a United States. History is full of people who are remembered and the majority who are forgotten, but those living today cannot predict what individuals will be remembered. Kurt Douglas will probably be remembered if for nothing else “The Planet of the Apes” Could be the apes favorite should they take over, but who knows.