Twitter bans GOP opponent of Rep. Ilhan Omar for making death threats

Twitter has banned Danielle Stella, a Republican seeking to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), for making multiple posts about killing the congresswoman, the company has confirmed to Huffington Post, which reported the story here.

Stella, a Trump supporter and QAnon fan, repeated a conspiracy theory that Omar shared sensitive intelligence with Iran and then suggested she be hanged for treason. She accompanied her comments with a crude drawing of a stick figure hanging from a gallows.

After being suspended she attacked Twitter, too, saying, “My suspension for advocating for the enforcement of federal code proves Twitter will always side with and fight to protect terrorists, traitors, pedophiles and rapists.”

Stella apparently is wanted on a fugitive warrant for failure to appear in court on felony shoplifting charges, according to this New York Post story from July 2019.

I wouldn’t call her typical of Republicans who run for Congress — she’s a sacrificial candidate running in a district the GOP has written off — but the GOP does seem to attract nutjobs of her stripe.

Photo: Danielle Stella

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