TDS and the Media: How the media gets hooked.

TDS .. a contemporary syndrome of obsession with Trump and Trumpism. It can affect anyone but especially Trump supporters. There is no known therapy.

Trump Derangment Syndrom even affects journalists. Axios actually called Stephen Moore an “economist.”

“If the economy starts to falter in 2020, Trump can’t win. There are just too many people who don’t like him but would otherwise vote for him in a good economy. And Trump knows that.”  Axios

Axios goes on to describe STEPHEN MOORE as an ECONOMIST and advisor to Trump.

Errr ahhh.  Moore is only an economist in the sense that other Trump hacks are experts in their fields.  He has never studied economics or served as anything other than a political hack and Fox talking head.

Excerpts from Wiki: Stephen Moore (born February 16, 1960) is an..television commentator on economic issues. He co-founded and served as president of the Club for Growth from 1999 to 2004. Moore is a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. He worked at the Heritage Foundation during the period from 1983 to 1987 and again since 2014.[1] Moore advised Herman Cain’s 2012 presidential campaign and Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign.

Moore is infamous for his role as a Trumpist fifth column.  December 2004, the Club for Growth’s board voted to remove Moore

The PAC and thinl tank behind a lot of Trump’s economics was funded by Moore.  But, the Club was upset by his criticism of President George Bush and by the narrow defeat of Senator Pat Toomey, who had the group’s support. After Moore’s departure, lawyers for the group sent letters to him and members of his new organization, the Free Enterprise Fund, threatening legal action for allegedly stealing the group’s mailing list to raise funds for his new organization.  On September 19, 2005, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) filed suit against the Club For Growth, alleging that the group had failed to register as a political action committee in the 2000, 2002, and 2004 election cycles “despite spending millions of dollars on federal campaign activity during the 2000, 2002, and 2004 election cycle.” In 2007, the FEC and the Club for Growth agreed to settle the lawsuit, paying $350,000.

Recently Trump tried to put his buddy on the Fed Reserve.  That failed because even the GOP was upset at someone whose expertise is playing a role on TV.  Moore was infamous for his public statements dissing women, promoting child labor AND ATTACKING THE FEDERAL RESERVE ITSELF.

Moore’s Trump brand of economics is off the edge.

He supports a return to the gold standard. In 2015 Moore declared, “We have got to get rid of the Federal Reserve and move towards a gold standard in this country!” BTW .. the bog beneficiary would be Russia since Putin’s Russia exports gold. 

During a 2016 debate on the minimum wage, Moore stated, “I’m a radical on this. I’d get rid of a lot of these child labor laws. I want people starting to work at 11, 12.”  

Moore has worked with his partner Arthur Laffer.  Art and Steve even write a  book  Trumponomics, in which they lauded the Trump administration’s economic policies.   Of course Trump endorsed the book in a March 2019 tweet.  The book and is obvious bull shirt, claiming that the  2017 tax reforms plan would raise GDP growth rates to as much as 6% and not increase budget deficits.   N. Gregory Mankiw, a conservative economics professor at Harvard University and head of the Council of Economic Advisors under President George W. Bush, described the book as “snake-oil economics … wishful thinking (rather than) the foundation of professional consensus or serious studies from peer-reviewed journals.”

As the deficit has zoomed out of control and Trump tax cuts acted as a sugar hit for the stock market, Moore has asserted wildly that the failure of the GDP to grow beyond the roughly 3% levels of the Obama years and the debt crisis is the fault of the Federal Reserve!   In April 2019 Moore asserted deflation was “the whole reason the economy was so poor in late 2018. Facts matter.  In but Moore wrote a Wall Street Journal opinion piece entitled, “The Corporate Tax Cut Is Paying for Itself,” in which he asserted that “faster-than-expected growth has produced a revenue windfall.” Corporate tax receipts for the fiscal year ended September 2018 were down 31% from the prior fiscal year, the largest decline since records began in 1934, except for during the Great Recession when corporate profits, and hence corporate tax receipts, plummeted.

In February 2019, Moore stated, “There’s no bigger swamp in Washington than the Federal Reserve Board. It’s filled with hundreds of economists who are worthless, who have the wrong model in their mind. They should all be, they should all be fired and they should be replaced by good economists.”[60]

Larry Kudlow, the Director of the U.S. National Economic Council and a FAUX talking head, showed Moore’s comment aboiut the Fed to President Trump, who decided he wanted to place Moore on the Federal Reserve Board.[2][52]

The Republican senators criticized Moore’s past comments about women, including that they should not earn more than men, along with financial issues stemming from a 2010 divorce. Several senators relayed those concerns to the White House this week and made clear that Mr. Moore did not have the votes to clear the Republican-controlled Senate.

Mr. Trump’s decision to cut Mr. Moore loose appeared to come as a surprise to his potential nominee, who had spent the morning telling several news media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, that he would not withdraw and that he retained the full backing of the White House, which was “all in.”




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