Trump administration legalizes elephant trophies.

The President’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are avid game hunters.  In this picture from his Dad’s Manhattan apartment, DJ Trump Jr. is  holding  a knife and a dead elephant’s tail after a hunt in Zimbabwe in 2011.  The trophy is of Dumbo, taken during a $100.000 safari in Africa, even more that the usual  $50,000 per person because of the special chance to kill a rare flying elephant,

In  a nod to the GOP roots in Teddy Roosevelt’s day as a great hunter, the Trump Fish and Wildlife Service announced a repeal of the ban on the importation of elephant-hunt trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.  This will allow Americans to bring tusks and other elephant body parts back to this country.  The decision, announced quietly in a March 1 memorandum from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, withdrew previous rulings on trophy hunting and said the agency would allow sport hunters, like the Don’s son Donald Jr,  to receive permits for the trophy items on a “case-by-case basis.” Kenya’s foreign minister Monica Juma spoke eight days after the Trump administration announced it will let Americans bring elephant body parts back to the U.S. 

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    Have you given thought to what will happen to this stupid website after you shuffle off the mortal coil? Willl you leave it as a permanent legacy to your lunacy?

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    Sighh .. the usual anonymous comment, presumably from Bill Quick. Use the Search bar to read more.

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