How are Bernie Sanders and Don John Trump Alike?  

Both use the phrase “SOME PEOPLE SAY.”

Trump famously uses the SPS phrase anytime be wants to lie .. “some people say” I won the popular vote” … some people say” I am the smartest man ever to be President.” …or some people say”global warming is hoax” …

Now Sanders is using this trumpery to say he may not abide by the 2020 choice of the Democratic Party.  NBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Sanders if he would commit to supporting the Democratic nominee. Sanders refused, saying  ” I intend to be the Dem nominee  … some people say that maybe if the system was not rigged against me, I would have won the (last) nomination.”

Maybe Sanders .. who somehow still is NOT a registered Democrat, needs to read the Mueller’s investigation.  Mueller found that Russian social-media bots amplified Sanders’s message during the primary and circulated attacks on Clinton, many of them false. Sanders ..along with Trump … now denies any responsibility for what the Russians did.


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