Fox News pastor calls Democrats “godless”

Robert Jeffress, the pastor of a Dallas megachurch with about 13,000 members, a Fox News contributor, and an ardent Trump supporter, told attendees at an evangelical conference in Washington D.C. on Saturday that the Democratic Party is “a godless organization” and urged the crowd to be “intolerant” of liberal views. Read story here.

Jeffress has a history of making controversial remarks. He accused President Obama of “paving the way for the Antichrist,” has attacked gays and immigrants, suggested God would be okay with Trump inflicting nuclear annihilation on North Korea’s 25 million people, and claimed Trump’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels “doesn’t matter.” He’s called Trump his “friend” and asserted he’d “never walk away” from Trump no matter what he did. Read more about him here.

Personally, I think Jeffress is a Satanist. No real Christian trash talks like that, and endorsing Trump is an assault on Christian values and teachings. But he’s certainly not alone. Evangelicals are the hard-core of Trump’s base, in the process discrediting themselves and their style of religion.

Photo: Robert Jeffress, bigot and hatemonger

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  1. Mark Adans #

    One cannot cure the Pastor of being parochial by being parochial. The slim chance of any of his followers voting for any Democratic candidate is gone when you call the Pastor a Satanist. You many not agree with his view or his brand of Christianity which has a long history back to the colonies in these United States.

    In addition you have just insulted actual Satanists many of whom are Libertarians but many are also Democrats. Many of whom have a problem with the whole “In God we Trust” on our coins and much of the Pastor Jeffress malarkey. They do seem to realize though intolerance breads intolerance and eventually you get the Hatfields and McCoys and only when they get tired of the killings do things settle down, and the whole burning of witches was tried, but it was more about property than religion and actual witches.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    When will you see that it’s people like Jeffress who breed intolerance and conflict?

    If you wanna fall back on history, then cite the history of Europe’s religious wars. Do you want that here? Our founding fathers fled here from Europe’s religious intolerance.

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