Fox’s Tucker Carlson dismisses murders of journalists and dissidents

“You’ve got to be honest about what it means to lead a country, it means killing people.”

Tucker Carlson calls himself a journalist (he’s not). I wonder how his colleagues feel about him saying dictators killing journalists is “understandable.”

That’s what Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Sunday while appearing on “Fox & Friends” from his perch in South Korea after “witnessing president Trump become the first sitting president to walk into North Korean territory.” (Quoted from Daily Beast; read their story here.)

There’s a reason why other presidents haven’t done that: They didn’t want to legitimize that brutal regime.

It might be worth it, if Trump could get them to give up their nukes, but they haven’t given him squat.

It’s hard to tell who’s the bigger ass, Trump or Carlson (and the network that employs him).

You can bet Carlson won’t volunteer to be one of those killed. Maybe he’ll offer a “Fox & Friends” host to the North Koreans as a human sacrifice in exchange for them not blowing up San Francisco? Did anyone watch the show? Did he ask for a show of hands on that?

If you’re still watching this guy on teevee after this, something’s wrong with you.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    So are you proposing that we acknowledge the state of war that exists between our nations and proceed to make war? That is the only alternative to dragging the North Korean leader and North Korea into the spotlight. Kim is not afraid of the US or South Korea, but he is very afraid of his own people. The North Korean people are not buying the governments propaganda anymore, and have not for some time. This is also scary to China since after all these Koreans are just maladjusted Chinese and a lot of them live in the provinces near Korea.
    What has been tried under past administrations has not worked Trump at least is trying something. He has not given the Northe Koreans anything they do not already have, which is atomic warheads and a whole lot of other problems. And the atomic warheads do not give North Korea what it wants, but it could win neighbors with nukes. South Kora, Japan and Taiwan. Clearly Taiwan should do nukes to screw with China following North Koreas successful demonstration.
    Then Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia…..brave new world, now that the atomic genii got out. Not like we have given up nukes which unfortunately is one point North Korea is making.
    That the North Korean regime is not nice, but it has murdered journalists and dissidents under three generations of Kim and frankly it is up to them to throw off the shackle.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    You’ve ignored the main thrust of this post, which is about Tucker Carlson’s cavalier attitude toward dissidents and journalists, and human life in general.

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