When a Redhat Loses The Debate

So are you calling me wrong about Clinton? Impeachnent was unsuccessful and Clinton’s approval ratings spiked. And malignant narcissism according to whom? You? You sound like a priggish malignant narcissistic asshole to me. Are you holding a job? I think you should be let go. And mental incompetence? I’ll bet a clinician could find a mental disorder description that matches the behavior of just about anyone. Give me a few hours with you and I’ll find a disorder that matches you–other than malignant narcissistic asshole, that is. The world is full of wannabe human behavior diagnosers. They’re everywhere. You’re banal, man.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    What this illustrates is not a debate. Though one type of tactic is used. That of attacking the speaker. There are a few fact given, but it is hard to tell who is speaking.
    And when sides are dug in there is not winning or losing a debate. It does not really matter when you cannot at all persuade the other side or the people in the middle.
    Joan of Arc was a great leader to the French and the English burned her at the stake as a witch. The hubris of both sides made the outcome inevitable.