MAGA: New satellite images reveal activity at unidentified North Korean missile base

New satellite images reveal activity at unidentified North Korean missile base

Trump’s best trait may be his competence, that may also be the biggest danger we face.  Having aliebated our own intelligence agencies, made horrid errors that have also alienated our Asian allies, chosen unneeded fights with NATO, …. what choices does he have in dealing with Kim Jung Un?

Trump has even placed South Korea in a pickle.  On FB, Chares Park writes about President Moon of South Korea:

So after Argentina, Moon gives up on sanctions relief and corresponding measures and reaffirmed his pledge to CVID. Does it mean that he will he go straight for end of war declaration in order to achieve both? Unlikely and so far no progress is in sight. At least he tried. But once again, the Koreans don’t do anything without US approval. The prospects for Denuclearization and Peace in Korea look dim. After surviving in stasis through the US-Soviet Cold War for 70 years, they could do the same through a new Sino-US Cold War for another 70 years. Just hope that there is no combustion – an accidental war on the peninsula or between US and China or Us and Russia.

Having failed to convince Trump to do what Trump promised in Singapore, Moon now seems to be angling for a Kim visit mid-December this year to respark the peace process. He hopes to lay the ground work for some breakthrough in the second Kim-Trump Summit in early 2019. It is a tall order… Maybe a hopeless task as there seems to be little recognition of the grand US strategic interests in the peninsula by his administration. For example, Moon failed to ask why if Trump was willing to give Kim everything he asked for, how he has so far not agreed to end the Korean War and sign a Peace Treaty.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    It is the normal N. Korean tactic of delay. It is the N. Koreans who are up the creek without a paddle. Though our politics may be a cause for hope with the totalitarian Dictator and his pals in North Korea. They have a food crises. The North Koreans got to see the South is a wealthy nation that is not what the propaganda says. North Korea faces collapse. Their dream of a unified Korea under the Kim family is a fantasy, though it is unlikely they will agree to a unified Korea under South Korean rules. Yet that might be preferable to total collapse of the regime. Tyrannies generally do not survive their sons rule. At least that is Socratesand Platos thoughts on the subject. One can hope they are correct.

  2. theaveeditor #

    You confuse the pople with the rulers. As long as China wants Kim he stays.