When Trumpies qvelI about Donald Trump’s trophy wife and demean Mrs. Obama, I get pissed off. 

versace_official First Lady of the United States @MichelleObama is flawless in a custom-made, rose gold #AtelierVersace gown.

qvell .. from kvell, yiddish  crow, delight, exuberate, exult, glory, joy, jubilate, rejoice, triumph

I have no problem with Melania Trump’s previous profession(s). But to compare Michelle Obama … a graduate of two Ivy League Schools, a self made attorney and amazing woman of style and fashion to a nude model who slept with a married man to become his wife and now act as if she is the mother of his adult children, well …….;.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    At least the voters will not need to think about supporting a dynasty should the current first lady decide to enter Presidential politics…oh she can’t. So the best she can do is a house or Senate seat. That would not get Michelle’s panties in a bunch should the current first lady win election to Congress.

    Us American’s are a bit cool toward dynasties. The Kennedy dynasty is still ticking like an Eveready battery, but no serious Presidential contenders in the clan at this time.

  2. theaveeditor #

    My point is that Trump will not be in Nixon territory until this summer at the earliest. That is already into the 2020 cmapaign. If Trump is as disgraced as Nixion but chooses tom toigh it out, the GOP will need to find a better candidate. Romney is is in the cat seat!

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