TA NEWS: Trump campaigns with brothel owner and whores.

Hof, the 71-year-old star of HBO’s “Cathouse” series and Republican nominee for Nevada’s 36th District in the State Assembly, is fashioning himself as the “Trump from Pahrump.”  (TAN PhoPhot0)


Carson City, Nevada (TAN) – Returning from his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, President Trump has made a surprise visit with Dennis Hof, the Nevada brothel owner who just days ago ousted a Republican state lawmaker in a primary.   Trump and Hof shared efforts to develop  new campaign themes based on free enterprise and good relations with Moscow.

Hoff told the author of the MAGA logo:

“Here’s what I’m thinking: Make Nevada Nevada Again,”

Trump laughed and shook Hof’s knee as the two entrepreneurs shared a  a plate of ribs and chicken fingers at Living the Good Life, a diner and lounge in Carson City.  Hof complained about state tax hikes, local efforts to outlaw prostitution and government grabs for landowners’ water and more.  Trump talked about how much he enjoys his mornings  on “Fox and Friends.” Hof talked about evenings watching the Fox News shows of Tucker Carlson — who Hof says he’s known for 15 years and texts most days after Carlson’s show. Trump showed his understanding, saying that Russia has it “all over the US in how business is treated by the media.”

Trump told Hof that he believes Republicans who don’t back them could face backlash from rural, white voters, especially the Jesus fearing folks.  Hof replied, “Yes, here in  Nye County, several of my brothels are located. I can assure you that Trump 2020 will have huge margins of victory in those counties where I have the support of the Nevada evangelical leaders, who are disgusted with the Democrats!”  The two politicians also got to talk about law suits. Hof, like Trump, faced accusations of sexual assault during his campaign. Two former prostitutes alleged he sexually assaulted them several years ago. Hof has denied those allegations and says they are part of a smear campaign against him.  Prosecutors did not pursue charges, citing the statute of limitations. Trump just smiled.

Hof went on, “I wish I could out those dirty SOBs” in the legislature who are customers at my brothels!  I have a plan,  there is a rundown hotel across from the state capitol .  I am going to buy it and turn it into a brothel. One whorehouse on one side of the street. And the biggest whorehouse, the legislature, on the other side of the street,” he says. “People get it. They know they’re whores.”

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