The Wise One asks: “So how come we have a lot more people with some sort of mental illness today”

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I suggest that our definition of mental illness is mroe fashion than science. 

I did not mean to suggest that mental illness is fashion but I am certain that the changes in definitions as to what is and what is not mental illness is not hard ass science.

Look …  at one time homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and alcoholism were considered either diseases or crimes. We changed that, not by discovery but by changes in law and perception.
We have also “discovered ” diseases that but called something else or may not have even existed .. eg post traumatic stress disorder and gluten sensitivity,
Look at the differences in how we treat obesity (my problem) vs homosexuality. There is a great deal more evidence that obesity is genetic then that homosexuality is genetic, yet today we celebrate homosexuality as a normal state and consider obesity a matter of choice. Imagine what happens  if (or when) we acquire equal opportunity for fat folks on track teams.

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