New MH-370 search finds nothing

It’s been 4 years since Malaysian Airlines MH-370 went missing. Since its mysterious disappearance, the recovery of parts belonging to the plane, along with analysis of satellite data, make it virtually certain the plane veered off course and flew into the southern Indian Ocean, where it must have crashed after running out of fuel. But trying to find it has been like searching for a needle on a vast continent. The official search was called off after three years of effort turned up nothing.

In January 2018, the search was taken up by a U.S. ocean-mapping company, Ocean Infinity, on a contingency basis meaning they get paid only if they find the plane. Armed with state-of-art sonar and underwater vehicles, and the latest estimates of where the plane went down, in part based on drift analysis of the recovered debris, Ocean Infinity searched 80,000 square kilometers and found nothing. Read story here.

Either they failed to detect the wreckage, or more likely it wasn’t there. The mystery continues, and there’s no shortage of amateur theories about where it is (see images above and below).


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