Trump to Build Sea Wall Around Puerto Rico

Following the hurricane, Puerto Rico. while American citizens have fled to the mainland, the island has had an onslaught of illegal immigration and drugs.  Those people can now enter the US with no need for passing through customs!  The result will be a drug epidemic far worse than the problems along the mainland border with Mexico.

Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has become a major transshipment point for drugs into the United States.  Violent and property crimes have increased due in part to dealers trying to keep their drug business afloat, using guns and violence to protect themselves, their turfs, and drug habits.

Following the hurricane, Puerto Rico has had an onslaught of illegal immigration from Haiti and the Dominica Republic .  The threat from venal failure Venezuela is obvious since Puerto Rico is the nearest part of the US to that failed socialist state. And then, there is always the nearby issue of Cuba!

So  ,, a wall!

Puerto Rico
Crime rates* (2008)
Violent crimes
Homicide 26.2(2011)[1]
Forcible rape 2.4
Robbery 138.3
Aggravated assault 78.8
Total violent crime 239.9
Property crimes
Burglary 484
Larceny-theft 837.4
Motor vehicle theft 177.1
Total property crime 1,498.5
*Number of reported crimes per 100,000 population.

SourceFBI 2008 UCR data


Crimes related to drugs are not the only crimes that has plagued the island. Police and political corruption have also been problematic, as have gangs, which further contribute to the drug problem and associated crime in Puerto Rico.

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