The Futility of Living in South Carolina

My brother in law, William Quick, lives in South Carolina.  

Bill writes about his devotion to traditional liberal causes … things like racism, environment, and healthcare while choosing to live not just in the Palmetto state but in North Charleston where a white cop intentionally shot a fleeing man in the back, apparently because the perp was black.  Oh yeah, North Charleston is also home to the outsourced Boeing plant.  Boeing moved to their snazzy new location cuz the Palmetto state is anti union and has low taxes.

Bill apparently does not like me. He dislikes me so much that he tried to get my website taken down, claiming that I support pedophilia and am a racist.  He tried to tell my university that my cv is fradulent and also used a Public Records Request to get all my email .  Sighhhh, he found nothing salacious,

So when Bill posted that he had written to his congresspeople about Trumpcare, I simply asked whether the SC delegation gives a damn about his opinions.  Bull’s answer is all too typical.


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